This program is focused on custom cattle feeding services provided by family owned feedyards. Ranchers may choose to retain ownership within many of our enrolled feedyards that best meets their business needs. Ranchers may choose to background and sell their feeder calves or finish their cattle out and sell live, in the meat, forward contract or formula grid. The choices are endless and we will help you make the best decisions through our marketing information tools.


Purchase cattle and place them in our open pen space listings or purchase cattle on feed for re-sale. Never put your eggs in one basket it is better to be in more than one pen of cattle while taking advantage of different regions. Every market and region has advantages. Nebraska has cheaper corn while Texas has drier warmer weather. You can track all your cattle in the portfolio with real time performance information. Hit different markets and market classes of cattle and take advantage of those opportunities whether you feed beautiful northern cattle, class 2 or Dairy influence...there is money to be made in all of these scenarios. Diversification diminishes your risk from adverse weather conditions, and high risk cattle. It is also highly recommended that you as the owner of the cattle employ a commodity broker for price protection. Ee will assist you with these connections at your discretion.


Looking to buy beef directly from the producer? We can assist you with the entire process from picking out the calf, custom feeding it, processing and cut and wrapping it to your specifications. The demand is high and the time for processing can be a year or two out but we might be able to get your freezer full of beef a little sooner. Order your calf on line via our services and locate the closest producer to come and pick your beef up or we can arrange delivery to your front door.